Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) and Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition (PACVD)

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A versatile, general-purpose coating for cutting, forming, injection molding, etc. Ideal for moderately abrasive applications.


A universal, high-performance coating for cutting, drilling, milling, reaming, turning and dry machining.


A high performance, aluminum coating with excellent heat resistance properties for dry machining applications.


A special, optimum release coating for forming tools for molds and dies and machine components. It is also very effective in piercing and punching applications.


A conventional carbon nitride coating for stamping, punching, forming, milling, tapping and interrupted cutting.


A multi purpose coating suitable for a wide range of applications including but not restricted to: milling, hobbing, tapping, stamping, punching, etc. Its properties include a low friction coefficient, combined with high toughness, hardness and heat resistance.


A unique coating for cutting, drilling, and milling machine components made out of aluminum or copper that protects against galling when working with soft metals.

Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC)

DLC coating is very resistant to abrasive and adhesive wear making it suitable for use in both rolling and sliding applications that experience extreme contact pressure. Unlike graphite, DLC provides high lubricity in both ambient and vacuum atmospheres.

Due to its unique combination of properties, DLC coatings are extremely effective in tribological and wear applications such as: magnetic storage media, molds, tools, dies, diesel injection pumps, sliding bearings, car valve rockers, gears, tappets of racing motorcycles, laser barcode scanner windows in supermarkets, VCR head drums, textile industry parts, motor cycle forks, razor blades, etc.