Nickel PTFE Coating is a co-deposition process of Electroless Nickel combined with PTFE particles. Ni-PTFE treatment includes 20 to 30% of PTFE (by volume); the deposit has excellent release characteristics and uniform particle incorporation.


Nickel PTFE System Phosphorus: 10-12% (weight %) content

Nickel PTFE adds to the already sleek surface of electroless nickel, yielding a very low friction surface. It consists of co-depositing microscopic beads of teflon (up to 20%) with electroless nickel.

This coating offers an excellent solution for sticking, galling or drag problems with moving parts and heated seal surfaces in automotive or machinery applications.

For molds and dies, it improves the release or anti-stick properties.

Nickel PTFE plating eliminates the need for liquid lubricants and reduces deposit hardness.

Its characteristics include:

  • 33 RCH as plated;
  • 54 RCH post heat treatment;
  • Deposit density of 6.3-7.1 g/cm3
  • Non magnetic property
  • Coefficient of friction: 0.1
  • Compliance with AMS 2405, ASTM B 733 specification requirements.